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$29B 7y Note Auction Preview: Previous auction drew 2.258%, 2.59x bid/cover, 41.4% indirect bidders, 32.6% direct bidders12-auction averages: 1.984%, 2.57x bid/cover, 42.2% indrect bidders, 20.6% direct bidders
Equity ratings changes direct from brokerage firms.
Action Ticker Brokerage Firm
Reiterated FTI Cowen
Reiterated ANV Cowen
Reiterated FFIV ISI Group
The S&P 500 had been busy creating gains for six consecutive sessions, but on the seventh session it rested, slipping 0.2% in Wednesday's trading. That dip and then some is going to be made back at the start of trading today, however, thanks to an earnings report from...
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